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Fundraiser of the week: raffle ticket-selling Catherine

August 14, 2020

Our fundraiser of the week is Catherine, thanks to her impressive raffle ticket-selling exploits.

Catherine, whose husband has M.E., raised an incredible £320 selling raffle tickets to family and friends on behalf of Action for M.E. Speaking about her husband’s illness, Catherine said:

“We have a 23-month-old son and take each day as it comes. Planning events or going anywhere is a rarity for us. I would give anything for a cure to make my husband better and other sufferers of M.E.
“I am so proud of the way my husband doesn’t let M.E. define him, despite the condition stopping him doing normal, everyday activities.”

Catherine’s efforts highlight how, while popular, physical challenges are just one of a variety of ways in which people can fundraise. You can find numerous ways to raise money for Action for M.E. on the ‘other ways to support us’ section of our website, including legacy fundraising and playing the Unity Lottery. You can also contact our fundraising team at if you’d like to take part in the raffle.