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Fundraiser of the week - Salli Murray

March 31, 2017

Our fundraiser of the week is Salli Murray, who came up with the idea of Walk with M.E. along with Natalie Heron.

Talking about her reasons for supporting us, Salli said: "When I was 9 years old I went from being an active child training to be a gymnast six days a week to being unable to walk, go to school, feed myself or stay awake very long in the blink of an eye.

"I spent many years getting myself back to a stage where I could live a 'normal life' and then in 2013 I lost it all again when I had a major relapse which left me bedridden, housebound and not just chronically fatigued but depressed and anxious as well.

"After a year of being this way I found a food supplement that helped improve my energy, which made me feel better and able to slowly but surely tackle other areas of my life a bit at a time. I am now much more able-bodied, and I have overcome the depression and anxiety. I run a successful business whilst being a single mum to my two daughters who are 10 and five years old.

"I am always working on being the healthiest I can be and my lack of ability to do various fitness aspects has always been my most frustrating issue. This challenge will help me not only raise awareness for other people suffering with M.E. and to help them get the services they need but will also help me improve my fitness levels at my own pace and give me a great challenge!

"I would appreciate if anyone would like to sponsor me for this no matter how big or small the donation. It will all go towards helping others get some semblence of their lives back."

You can support Salli via her JustGiving page.