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Fundraiser of the week - Sally

March 21, 2019

We'd like to thank Sally, our fundraiser of the week for raising money and awareness towards M.E. and our charity.

She did this by generously asking her friends to donate to her birthday fundraising page on Facebook instead of giving her gifts this year.

"I am super thankful to all my lovely friends for donating to my Facebook birthday fundraiser..everyone loved the idea and were super generous with their donations..I made nearly £500 with just over 30 donations! Pretty good eh?!

"Whilst it was my birthday, it was my Mum’s 70th a few days after. She’s suffered from M.E for many years and has the most incredible spirit you could ever imagine, her sense of humour and unrivalled zest for life even whilst she’s always in a lot of pain is always my inspiration.

"She’s an absolute trooper. I would do anything to find a cure or give her some relief and I know Action for M.E. are doing everything they can. It meant so much that my friends were so generous and I hope the money helps with awareness and research in some way."