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Fundraiser of the week - Sam Wilkins

September 29, 2017

Our fundraiser of the week is Sam Wilkins, who is cycling from Land's End to John O'Groats.

Along with their brother Steve, Sam will cycle 969 miles in 9 days to raise awareness of M.E. and vital funds to support Action for M.E.’s work.

Sam said: “My partner has suffered horrendously with M.E. for seven years, at her worst, bed bound.

“In this time she has not been given any clear answers as to how or why she became so debilitated, or received any valuable support or strong guidance on how best to move forward, in order to try and regain her full health.

I only have admiration and pride for how she has handled this terrible illness.

Enduring on average eight to nine hours of cycling a day will never compare to both the daily physical and emotional strains a person with M.E. has to contend with. These are all reasons as to why I have chosen to give support to an illness that currently does not receive enough recognition for its severity.

I would like to try and raise £1000, which is roughly £1 per mile. However, any support no matter how big or small will be greatly appreciated.”

You can support Sam via their JustGiving page.