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Fundraiser of the week: Sarah and her team mates

February 07, 2020

"Together as a team we hope to raise awareness and funds for Action for M.E. so that they can make a difference to the lives of those with this invisible and greatly misunderstood illness, and those affected by it. I used to love walking and hiking and this is a lovely way for me to be able to feel that I can contribute with the few steps I am able to do now."

Sarah and her six team mates, Team Me and My M.E., taking part in Walk with M.E. 2020. Each team aims to walk a collective total of one million steps in 100 days, and anyone can take part. If you are only able to walk a few steps each day, each step still counts.

Sarah was diagnosed with M.E. in March 2019, though she had been ill for five years by that point, not knowing what was wrong.

"In the space of a few months a difficult work situation caused me to crash and I've now been unable to work for seven months. Aside from the financial implications, M.E. has affected every part of both mine and my husband’s lives, as well as those close to us. I never really knew anything about M.E. and can appreciate people’s lack of understanding or knowledge. It is very isolating, never really able to see anyone or do the things that I used to love. It is often easier to remain alone than try to explain to people.

"It took me a long time to start to get the help I needed. It was confusing and upsetting. I just want to be able to help others who might be in the same situation as me."

You can read more about Sarah's experience on her blog.