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Fundraiser of the week - supporting severely affected

August 09, 2018

This week, we celebrate three of our Great North Run fundraisers who have chosen to run on behalf of loved ones who are severely affected or have suffered major relapses.

Some have been fundraiser of the week before, some haven’t - but we’d like to thank all of them for taking on this challenge for some of the hardest hit by M.E.

Matt is running in honour of Jane. He says: “Jane has suffered with CFS/ME for many years following a bout of glandular fever when she was five years old. She has always wanted to do the Great North Run, she felt like this was finally the time. Hopes were dashed when she suffered a big relapse late last year. She had to take a substantial amount of time off work, but despite her employer being amazing and offering huge amounts of support, Jane still isn't back at the job she loves. Unfortunately, there's no sign yet of her health improving enough for her being able to return either.”

You can read more on Matt’s JustGiving page.

Leanne is running for Nicola. She says: "My lifelong friend has suffered from severe M.E. for over 10 years. I’ve watched this seriously debilitating and disabling illness derail her future, steal her independence and destroy her life. It is heart-breaking to see my friend suffer such horrific and relentless symptoms that make basic daily living a constant fight to survive, and to be deprived of life events many of us take for granted.

Nicola's care team have supported her writing this message: “I am 31 and I have suffered from severe M.E. for 11 years. I was brave to ask for help from my friends to stand up and speak out about my life. My friend will take on the Great North Run to help fund biomedical research to stop severe M.E. destroying lives. Please help support and raise awareness of severe M.E. and fight ignorance, injustice and neglect endured by sufferers, missing the ability to lead their lives. This most debilitating and disabling illness is; life limiting, life threatening and a living death. Biomedical research is key to give hope for a better future, better independence and a better life. Alone we can do so little. Together we can do so much."

You can read more about Leanne’s story on her JustGiving page.

One of Katherine Davey's closest and oldest friends lives every day with severe M.E. "Despite this, she is the most generous, strongest and bravest person we know. Every step we take in training and on the big day will be with her in mind.

"She was able to build up some levels of activity and strength during a four-month stay on a specialist ward at a hospital over 100 miles from her home. After returning home, it has been difficult to receive the specialist support she needs, because of the lack of funding for M.E./CFS in the local area. Recently, she has been discharged from some local NHS services, because there is no longer the funding to support patients with severe M.E. because of the slow rate of improvement."

You can see Kate’s JustGiving page here.

Thank you Matt, Leanne and Katherine for your generous support. We’re proud to have you represent us in the Great North Run 2018, taking place on Sunday 9 September.