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Fundraiser of the week – Teri Howson

March 04, 2016

Our fundraiser of the week is Teri Howson, who has given up chocolate, sweets and alcohol for lent to raise money for us.

Teri, who will also be abstaining from caffeine if she meets her target early, said: “I've chosen them [to give up] because many people with M.E. experience food intolerance and can be adversely affected by these items.

“I'm planning to hold a small tea - come crafter-noon - party with slow energy releasing healthy baked goodies, herbal teas and easy ready makes to share with friends.

“I wanted to do something to raise awareness of M.E because I've had personal experience of it and have relatives and friends affected by the condition, so it's a cause that's close to my heart. I like to think by being open about what it's like to live with M.E, it might help change people's perceptions and help with some of the misconceptions about what it M.E. is.”

You can support Teri via her JustGiving page.