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Fundraiser of the week - The BoneShakers

June 23, 2017

Our fundraiser of the week is the BoneShakers group, who have driven from Calais to Monte Carlo in an old donated car.

Family members Gill, Matt, Rhiannon and Jane (who is also an Action for M.E. trustee) undertook their adventure from June 15 to June 18.

Talking about their reasons for doing this, the group said: “This illness steals people’s lives. We know this from personal experience. In 2005 Jane and Matt were struck down in the same week by what seemed like an ordinary viral infection. They kept feeling a bit better – and then a lot worse - for a few weeks until Jane stopped work (turned out to be for a whole year) becoming housebound and Matt stopped school and missed full time education for two years.

“They were the ‘lucky’ ones who managed with medical help (and some good fortune) to be able to recover. Many people who are affected never do. Many of those affected are children (M.E. is the commonest cause of long term sickness absence from school) and the illness can last for years or a lifetime.

“This illness is poorly understood and the word ‘fatigue’ does not begin to describe the appalling set of symptoms and disability which this illness provokes.”

You can find out more about the group’s adventure on the BoneShakers’ Facebook group.