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Fundraiser of the week - Tim Reynolds

August 11, 2017

Our fundraiser of the week is Tim Reynolds, who is taking part in the Thames Path Challenge for us.

The Thames Path Challenge involves walking, jogging or running 100km from Putney Bridge to Henley.

Talking about his reasons for supporting us, Tim said: “M.E. is a devastating illness that ruins a lot of people's lives, not just the person who is suffering but their family and friends too. It destroyed my life at the age of 12 - it caused a lot of pain for my family and close friends to watch me suffer. From being able to do what I loved which was play sport and socialise with my mates I barely attended school three days a week which resulted in a lot of frustration as I couldn't achieve what I knew I could in exams and spent a lot of time in bed alone which led to some very dark and scary times."

We know that many people with severe M.E., including children, sadly do not recover. We are so grateful to Tim for choosing to support us, and for helping those who remain very ill with this complex condition.

“By doing this run I hope I can help raise awareness for the illness and help allow more research and help support those having a horrific time of it!”

You can support Jim via his JustGiving page.