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Fundraiser of the week - Wendy Tideswell

August 25, 2017

Our fundraiser of the week is Wendy Tideswell, who is testing her head for heights by taking part in a sponsored wing walk for Action for M.E.

Wing walking is exactly what the name suggests and involves physically standing on the wings of a biplane under the guidance of an experienced professional display team.

Wendy, who has raised over £540 so far, said: “What is M.E.? I am 44 years old and certainly had no idea until recently. A friend of mine, who is a sufferer, posted a video on Facebook a few weeks ago of a lovely young woman explaining how M.E. affects her life. Following that, my very brave friend told me a little about how this disease has turned his and his family’s world upside down.

“M.E. is a complex condition that affects 250,000 men women and children in the UK and if, by turning my world upside down, even for a few moments, I can help the charity and maybe raise awareness of this condition, then upside down I shall be!”

You can support Wendy via her JustGiving page.