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Fundraiser of the week - Wil Collins

June 30, 2017

Our fundraiser of the week is Wil Collins, who is combining motorbiking and mountain trekking to raise money for us and awareness of M.E.

Explaining the origins of his idea, Wil said: “I started with this idea just to do something difficult. My first thought, the three peaks challenge. In succession, Ben Nevis, Scafell Pike and Snowdon. Now this is often done in 24hrs, but I wanted to mix in another passion – motorcycles. A day of travel up to Ben Nevis and then three consecutive days of peaking and riding, making our way to the next mountain every evening.

“Almost as soon as the final idea was realised, the idea to do it for charity sprung up, and for me there was only one.

“My girlfriend Hannah has M.E, or Myalgic Encephalopathy. I have been told stories of the early days of Hannah's M.E., which she has had for about 15 years now, in which she was bed bound. This has amounted in a very impressive collection of PJ's though.

“Getting to the bench at the end of her Mum’s garden was a gold medal winning triumph, but the problem with M.E. is that a huge number of people don't even know about it. ‘They are just lazy', 'do a bit of exercise and you will feel great' and 'what is your diet like?' are all things I have heard when delving into this all. Problem is, there is no cure, no magic pill, and there is no one thing that works for everyone. So if a slow and steady build-up of exercise, or cutting out carbs and sugar works for one person to lessen the symptoms, there is no guarantee it will work for another.

“This is where the charity comes in. Action for M.E. isn't a charity that cures it, but simply bring attention to it as a very real and disabling illness. So if you could give a little for a worthy cause, that would be awesome. Even if it isn't for a worthy cause, and you just really like me or Jonjo, that would be equally fine. Thanks!”

You can support Wil via his JustGiving page.