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Fundraisers of the week - Holly's Team

March 27, 2019

Our Fundraisers of the week are Holly's team, who are taking part in Walk with M.E. They have just reached their team goal of one million steps!

When speaking about her reasons for taking part in this years team challenge Holly tells us, "I have always been very active and loved the outdoors, but due to M.E. I have been housebound since 2012. M.E. has dramatically altered my life and the lives of those around me, especially my parents who had to also become my carers. There are no words truly capable of describing this illness and the myriad of symptoms which accompany it; from the painful light sensitivity, to the muscle weakness so severe my ability to swallow is compromised... I know I am incredibly lucky to have experienced improvements over the last few years, to no longer be bed-bound and to be able to gain back some more independence.

"Action For M.E. do such important work in support people with M.E. and their families. I want to do anything I can to help others with M.E., I’d been thinking about fundraising for a while now and Walk With M.E. seemed like the perfect fit as I can join in with the small amount of steps I can do and my family and friends can be a part in it as well."

Our charity would like to say a massive congratulations to everyone on the team for smashing their goal!