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Fundraisers of the week - London Marathon 2019 Runners

April 18, 2019

Our fundraisers of the week are our London Marathon runners who will be taking part in the event on 28 April. They have been doing an amazing job preparing for the race, practising their runs and fundraising for our charity.

John De Boo, one of our marathon runners, is fundraising for us on behalf of his sister who has M.E. When speaking about her condition he tells us that “her illnesses have left her unable to work or to live life to the level we all take for granted.

“It has also been evident to us how M.E. is not only chronically under-funded but also grossly misunderstood by the public and authorities alike. This means much is still unknown medically and as such there are no real treatments; recovery rates are low.

"I've seen first hand how even walking up the road can be exhausting. And in a quarter of cases, M.E. can leave sufferers completely bed ridden.

“If leaving the house is a challenge, something like running a marathon must seem a distant pipe dream. So what better way to raise money than by doing exactly that!”

Alongside John we have a group of 12 other passionate runners who are all doing great work to raise awareness for people affected by M.E. We'd like to say thank you to Gabi, Phil, John De Boo, Matthew, Ross, Alice, Sophie, Amy, Myriam, William, Emma, Kenneth and John England.

If you are unable to donate money to their campaigns there are still other ways to show your support. Through JustGiving’s ‘cheer squad’ you can send them some kind words and motivation. All you need to do is copy their JustGiving URL into the cheer squad page and you can create your own personalised image that will appear on their fundraising page!