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Fundraisers of the week - Team Banana

October 11, 2019

Our fundraisers of the week are Team Banana, a group of eight friends who completed the 26 mile ‘Walk the Test Way’ challenge on Sunday. The group chose to support our charity in honour of their close friend, Anna, who has severe M.E. Having developed an understanding of how debilitating and frustrating M.E. can be, Team Banana are keen to support anyone with this horrible condition.

One of the group said:

“Anna has been suffering from this horrible illness for more than 18 months. She has spent the majority of this time confined to her bed and is highly sensitive to both light and sound. I have been able to occasionally visit for very short periods, however she has not been able to see many of her friends and has missed countless special events.

It has really shocked us how little is understood about M.E. despite how life changing it can be. This means that there is no clear guidance on how to recover and little help available to those who are unwell. We are therefore keen to raise money for Action for M.E. and allow this charity to support those who are struggling with M.E., as well as push forward the research and understanding in the medical profession.

Ultimately, we have completed this challenge to show Anna how much we love her, while supporting both her and others who are suffering in the same way.”

The weather on Sunday was wet and, although the walk was beautiful, the group realised that 26 miles is a very long way… and there were are a LOT of aches, pains and blisters by the end (and in some cases, a long way before the end!). However, thinking of Anna and all the money raised for Action for M.E. made it all worthwhile and everyone managed to hobble over the finish line. The Team were also joined by a number of family and friends for the last 5 miles, including Anna’s mum, and enjoyed some celebratory brownies and prosecco at the finish line!

Everyone at Action for M.E. would like to say a huge thank you to Team Banana for supporting our charity and raising awareness towards M.E./CFS.