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Have your say: new Standards for Neurological Care

November 05, 2018

It is estimated that as many as a million adults in Scotland are living with a wide range of complex and life-changing neurological conditions. As neurological diseases are so diverse, no two people living with a neurological condition are the same. Health Improvement Scotland believe that people should expect to receive the same high quality service from the health and social care organisations that support them, regardless of their condition, geographical location or individual circumstances.

As a result, they have released the scope for the new general Standards of Neurological Care and Support which will apply to all health and social care services and organisations that support adults living with a neurological condition in Scotland. From this they have entered a consultation period, where they are gathering all comments on the draft scope and will formulate a response explaining how the comments formed the final standards.

They are giving you the opportunity to have your input in to the development of the standards through a workshop hosted by ALLIANCE Neurological Programme.

Where: Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland, Venlaw Building,
349 Bath Street, Glasgow G2 4AA

When: Monday 12 November, 2pm - 4.30pm

This workshop is an opportunity for people living with a neurological condition to come together and comment on the draft General Standards for Neurological Care and Support- contributing to ideas for improving the Standards and assessing their relevance with regard to your own experience.

To attend or find out further information about this event email Gregory Hill.

If you are unable to attend this event then you are welcome to submit any comments you may have directly to the consultation through the online survey.