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#GiveBig for M.E. and see your donation doubled

November 28, 2017

Today marks the start of The Big Give Christmas Challenge 2017, which runs from noon on Tuesday 28 November to noon on Tuesday 5 December. During this time, every donation we receive through our Stop M.E. Stealing Lives project page will be doubled at no extra cost to you.

This money will go to fund our key information and support services, so we can continue to be there with specialised, one to one support for the thousands of people with M.E. who contact us each year.

All through Big Give week your donation will be worth twice as much, meaning we can continue to be there for people like Debbie, whose lives have been ruined by the illness.

“I am pretty much housebound. I am bedbound every day until the afternoons”, Debbie tells us. “My most challenging symptoms are the crippling fatigue and my compromised immune system. At my worst I was only able to get out of bed and shuffle to the toilet and back to bed. I get bad headaches, total fatigue, worse aches and pains than usual, incontinence, light sensitivity, sleep disturbances, eye problems (so I get very dizzy and feel sick), and cognitive problems so I can't understand and repeat myself a lot.

“I try to get out for a walk at least once a week but can't always manage it. I also keep my brain active with games and apps.

“When I first got ill I got all the forms and information sheets from Action for M.E. It really helped me understand I am not alone in this, and what I could do to help myself.”

M.E. steals lives: help us take them back.