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Guide to severe M.E. now available in our store

August 21, 2017

With the kind permission of Emily Collingridge's family, Action for M.E. has begun selling physical copies of  Severe M.E./CFS - a guide to living through our online store.

Severe M.E./CFS - a guide to living is a comprehensive reference book written by the late Emily Collingridge, who had more than 12 twelve years’ experience of severe M.E., in consultation with patients, carers, friends, relatives and health professionals.

This guide is priced £5.99 and is intended as a resource to help patients with very severe M.E./CFS cope with living and to assist their support teams in looking after their welfare.

In the context of this guide “very severe M.E.” is used to describe those patients who are entirely housebound, largely or completely bedridden and who require substantial help with personal care.