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Have your say - support for your M.E. in school

January 18, 2019

Action for M.E. wants all children living with M.E./CFS to get the support they need in school. We need to make sure we are focusing on the issues that matter most to families affected.

So please complete our five-minute feedback form and tell us what it's really like managing your condition in school. Whether you a parent of a child living with M.E./CFS or currently in school yourself, we'd be happy to hear from you.

Your responses will be completely anonymous, and the details you share will be used to help us at Action for M.E. understand how we can better support children living with M.E./CFS through their school education. The results of the survey will also be used to help shape our campaigns and support the work of the Medical Conditions at School Alliance.

The deadline for completion is Monday 18th February. You can complete this here