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Health and Disability Green Paper Consultation

Health and Disability Green Paper Consultation

June 10, 2024

We are currently working on our organisational response to the Government's health and disability Green Paper, 'Modernising support for independent living', to ensure that the voices of people with ME are heard and listened to.

We are disappointed to see that the current consultation is lengthy and the online form does not allow for progress to be saved, creating a significant barrier for people with ME who wish to respond. We have therefore created a survey to gather your vital insights and experiences regarding current disability benefits, and the proposed reforms, to feed into our response.

The survey focuses on specific areas of the consultation and enables you to work through the questions at your own pace, providing as little or as much information as you feel able to.

You can access the survey here.

To ensure we have enough time to work through your responses before the consultation's deadline of 22 July, we will be closing our survey at 11.59pm, Monday 8 July.

If you have any questions relating to the survey, or our organisational response to the consultation, please email