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Help us raise awareness for Severe M.E. Day today

August 08, 2016

Today (August 8) is Severe M.E. Day and to mark the event we’re asking people to help us raise awareness of severe M.E.

Started by the 25% M.E. Group, Severe M.E. Day aims to raise awareness of how severely some people with M.E. can be affected by the illness, with many being left bedbound and unable to even wash or clean themselves without assistance.

Throughout the day we’ll be uploading awareness-raising images to our Facebook and Twitter pages – please help us raise awareness of severe M.E. by sharing these as widely as you can throughout the day using the hashtags #DontIgnoreME and #SevereMEDay.

You can also find out more about the degrees of severity people with M.E. can experience on our What is M.E. page.