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Helping you explain your health care needs

May 01, 2018

Today is the start of M.E. Awareness Month and to mark the occasion, Action for M.E. is launching a new resource pack to help people with M.E. think about and explain their health needs to others, including social care workers and even friends and family.

Created in collaboration with North Bristol NHS Trust, 'This is M.E.' should be filled out by the person who has M.E. or the person that knows them best. You can then share the resource with carers, social workers and anyone else who you want to communicate your needs to.

We've produced two versions of the 'This is M.E.' pack - a  PDF copy that you can print off and fill out by hand, and a Microsoft Word copy that you can download and fill out if you need to email it to someone.

You can find both copies along with information on how it can help you communicate your health needs via the  'Social Care' section of our website