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Highlighting M.E. on the global health agenda

May 23, 2016

Action for M.E. Chief Executive Sonya Chowdhury is in Geneva today attending the 69th World Health Assembly at the United Nations.

This event brings together world leaders, health ministers and policy influencers to discuss and adopt resolutions with the aim of improving health outcomes across the globe. Separate technical briefings are also organised to present new developments in public health, provide a forum for debate and facilitate information sharing.

This means that Sonya will be able to engage and network with key decision-makers to raise the profile of M.E. and identify opportunities for highlighting M.E. on the global health agenda. She will report on the event in a forthcoming blog post.

The incredible opportunities offered by attending this event – such as potential engagement with the UK decision-makers, and building networks with influential global policy leaders – were ones we could not miss. By building networks to raise the profile of M.E., we can engage and collaborate with others to bring about real change for people with M.E.