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Holly walks 13.6 miles to school for M.E. awareness

May 15, 2017

M.E. Awareness Week may be over but that hasn’t stopped people like Holly from helping us raise awareness for M.E. Awareness Month!

Holly has just finished an impressive 13.6 mile walk to school in recognition of her Mum Rachel, who lives with the illness.

Along with her stepdad Trevor, brother Joseph, stepbrother Olly, stepsister - Connie and best friend Summer, Holly walked from Felixstowe to her school in Woodbridge, a walk of about four hours in length!

Speaking ahead of the walk, Holly said: “We'll be tired, however, Mum suffers from M.E which one of the main symptoms is chronic fatigue. Not the usual tiredness but an elephant wading through peanut butter kind of tiredness which leaves her in pain, exhausted and unable to function properly. Despite this she looks after us and cares for us every day and hides it from us well.”

Holly’s Mum Rachel said: “I'm so amazingly proud of what they've done, it was a very long way without much complaining and lots of jelly babies!”

The group has raised over £300 so far – you can support them via their JustGiving page at