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"I have lost all friends now"

December 01, 2017

"Fatigue and widespread pain are my worst problems. I'm in a wheelchair, bed-bound for days at a time and in pain 24 hours a day. It means I can't leave the house very often and feel very isolated" says Kay, 46.

"I feel fobbed off by my GP, any illness I have he puts under the umbrella of M.E. I just get more pills and sent home. I have to fight for any real treatment. I use pacing to cope as well as strong pain meds.

"I have carers twice a day to help give me meds, have showers and get dressed. I couldn't cope without them.

"I have lost all friends now. I don't see many of my family as I can't make plans. My husband is my carer so it's badly affected our relationship. Three years after I became ill I lost my job. I was taking too much time off and, as I worked in a bank, the job was too stressful. I no longer have hobbies…I used to love walking with my dog but now I can't. I now use my iPad for games and social media. This is my window to the world."

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