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"I was desperate to talk to someone who understood"

April 17, 2018

"When my son Lewis, now 11, caught a bug he seemed unable to shake off in 2016, his symptoms seemed worryingly familiar. Although I tried to convince myself he would soon be back to normal, part of me recognised the signs he may be suffering from M.E."

Mandy Foulds talks about her family's experience of living with M.E. in the latest edition of Candis magazine. Having been diagnosed with the condition herself the year before, she was devastated to learn that nine-year-old Lewis also had M.E.

"The worst part was the stigma Lewis faced at school, where he would receive nasty comments from pupils and teachers who thought he just didn’t want to be there – which couldn’t be further from the truth," she recalls. "At this incredibly difficult time I got in touch with Action for M.E. I’d used their website in the past, but I was desperate to talk to someone who understood what we were going through – and I picked the right people [...] Without their support I honestly don’t know where I would be."

We are hugely grateful to Mandy and Lewis for raising awareness and understanding of M.E., and to Candis magazine, not only for sharing their story so brilliantly but also for generously supporting our Big Give campaign at the end of last year, which has meant that we are able to support even more young people affected by M.E.