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​Survey: the impact of Covid on people with M.E.

March 22, 2021

Action for M.E. and its partner #MEAction UK are today launching a survey to find out the effect that Covid-19 has on people with M.E

Sam Bromiley, Participation and Influencing Officer at Action for M.E. said:

"We are working in collaboration with #MEAction UK and #MEAction Scotland to gather evidence on the impact of Covid-19 on our community. We have heard many stories from people with M.E. whose health has been affected by Covid-19 and decided that it is important to reach out to the wider community through this survey. The evidence gathered from the survey will be used, along with personal stories, to help our campaign to make the government aware of the impact that Covid-19 is having on people with M.E. and the need to provide effective support to those affected."

The survey aims to explore if M.E. symptoms are affected by Covid-19, how long any change in symptoms last and whether cognitive and/or physical functioning changes. The survey also ask about any new symptoms and how long these have lasted. Finally, it looks at the impact Covid-19 has had and whether it has led to increased use of healthcare services. 

The survey will take approximately five minutes and is for people with M.E. who have had Covid-19 symptoms and/or been diagnosed with Covid. Respondents do not have to be a UK resident to take part. All responses will be anonymous.

"If you have M.E. and have had Covid-19 please help us by taking part in the survey. The more people who take part, the greater the weight of evidence we will have to call for effective support and care."

The survey can be accessed by clicking here.