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Impact of M.E. highlighted in Welsh Assembly

March 10, 2017

The impact of M.E. has been highlighted in the Welsh Assembly after Action for M.E. met with North Wales Assembly Member Mark Isherwood

Mr Isherwood challenged the First Minister in the Welsh Assembly this week over what action the Government is taking to address the barriers to employment experienced by people with long-term conditions such as M.E.

Action for M.E.’s Head of Communications and Policy Clare Ogden met with Mr Isherwood in February to talk about the issues facing people with M.E., including barriers to employment.

Referring to our SEE M.E. project when he raised the matter with Carwyn Jones in the Assembly Chamber on Tuesday, Mr Isherwood said:

“After Action for M.E. delivered a support project with the North Bristol NHS Trust for people with M.E. who are in employment, seeking a new job or considering how to approach work in the future, 72% of clients achieved their employment goals.

“How will you ensure, therefore, that the Welsh Government, looking at the good practice very nearby across the border, will address the barriers faced by people with long-term, fluctuating conditions such as M.E. and ensure that these are produced co-productively in accordance with the Social Services and Well-being (Wales) Act 2014 requirements?”

The First Minister replied: “We are taking a preventative approach to removing health barriers to work through the Healthy Working Wales programme and our new all-age employability plan will strengthen our approach to supporting low-activity groups, including support for those with longer-term health conditions, to access employment opportunities.”

We are grateful to Mr Isherwood for highlighting this issue. We will continue to work with him and policy-makers in the devolved nations to demonstrate the impact of M.E., and the need for appropriate services and support for those living with the condition.