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Severely affected in MEGA are "absolutely essential"

March 30, 2017

The Scientific Team and the Patient Advisory Group for MEGA have confirmed that data will be collected from those most severely affected by M.E., preferably through home visits.

The latest update from the MEGA team confirms that including data from this patient group is considered “absolutely essential”.

It also confirms that post-exertional malaise will be a prerequisite for inclusion in the bioresource and that those whose samples are collected for the bioresource will have their diagnoses and severity of illness confirmed and recorded at point of collection.

The update explains that a preliminary funding application to the Wellcome Trust has been turned down but the team remains focused and is working on other funding applications.

It also adds that while three people have resigned from the patient reference group the remaining 12 – some of whom have experience of severe M.E. – remain enthusiastic and “valuable progress has been made”.

You can find the full update on the MEGA website.