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InterAction feature - 'M.E. in the workplace Q&A'

March 25, 2019

M.E. can have an impact on your career and ability to carry out your job. Many people have to reduce their hours, or leave work altogether due to their condition. Have you felt discriminated against in the workplace as a result of your M.E./CFS? Do you know the potential legal implications, and what your rights are?

We will be running a surgery-style Q&A in our membership magazine, InterAction, with a top disability discrimination lawyer, who has offered to answer questions from our supporters about disability discrimination at work.

If you have a question, or would like to share your experience please email us and we will respond to as many as we can in the magazine. Please note we cannot respond to individual enquiries – if you have employment support needs that can’t wait, please consider contacting the Advisory, Conciliation and Arbitration Service or Action on Disability and Work. You can find their contact details here.