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InterAction needs you: managing sleep

February 06, 2019

Readers’ ideas, feedback, stories and experiences are what makes our membership magazine, InterAction, such a brilliant read, alongside news and updates from Action for M.E. about our services, support, campaigning and research.

In the spring issue, our Medical Advisor Dr Gregor Purdie will be taking a look at sleep disturbances. These are common for people with M.E. and/or CFS and can include unrefreshing sleep, difficulty getting off to sleep, waking for long periods in the early hours, sleep reversal (for example sleeping from 4am till midday) or hypersomnia (sleeping for a long time). Does this sound familiar? Do you have a sleep issue that you would like Dr Purdie to address in the magazine (please note he is not able to personally respond to individual enquiries).

Have you found something that helps with this that you’d like to share with our readers?

Please email us to share your experience, letting us know if you’d prefer to remain anonymous or not. Thank you.