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Interim ME/CFS Delivery Plan: resources to help you respond

August 11, 2023

Following the launch of the much-anticipated cross-Government interim delivery plan on ME/CFS earlier this week, the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) have been in touch to tell us about the resources they are working on to help you share your view. We are sharing this information below, and will update it as further resources are added.

Completing the survey

The DHSC gives an overview of all the questions in the consultation, so you can consider them before you start responding to the survey.

You can complete the survey here (please see below for link to the easy-read version).

  • Use the skip and back icons to navigate through the survey. Do not use the browser back button.
  • Your responses will be saved whenever you click “Next”.
  • You can complete the survey in stages providing you use the same device and browser when you come back to it.
  • To temporarily leave the survey, the DHSC suggests you bookmark the page in your browser and use that bookmark to the survey when you are ready Alternatively, you can return to the survey by following the latest link shown in your browser history.

If two or more people use the same computer in a household, one person will need to complete their survey and submit it before the next person starts theirs, unless each person has a different user login.

If you are completing the survey on behalf of another person, please finish that version and submit it before providing any responses of your own.

If you have any questions, kindly refer to the FAQs provided by the DHSC which you can download here.

Easy-read versions

Easy-read versions of the ME/CFS Delivery Plan and consultation were made available on Tuesday 5 September. The Easy-read consultation is open for 8 weeks, closing Monday 30 October 2023 (Please note the deadline for the non-easy read version remains Wednesday 4 October 2023).

Other versions

You can create a PDF of the full Interim Delivery Plan and the Consultation Summary.

  • To do this, go to the DHSC Interim Delivery Plan landing page and click “print this page” (on the left hand side of the page).
  • Then set your printer selection to “Microsoft Print to PDF” or “Save to PDF”. This will save a PDF version to your own device.
  • A PDF version of the consultation form will be available shortly on that landing page. The DHSC says: "You should only use this to send your responses if you are unable to use the online survey. We must receive your responses by 11:59pm on 4 October 2023.Responses received after this will not be taken into account. The postal address is given at the end of the document. This is not a Freepost address."

An easy-read version will also be available shortly, on the same DHSC Interim Delivery Plan landing page.

You can request a hard copy by emailing the DHSC. Please only send your name and address. Do not send any other personal information to this mailbox. Once your copy has been despatched, your contact details will be deleted.

An audio version of the Interim Delivery Plan is also available on Action for M.E.'s Soundcloud page.