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Interview with Anna Redshaw, founder of Blue Sunday

April 26, 2023

Champion fundraiser Anna Redshaw’s Blue Sunday Tea Party for M.E. is celebrating its 10th anniversary this year!

Anna, who has had M.E. since 2010 and has so far raised over £70,000 for M.E. charities across the world, wanted to hold an event that was accessible to all, and in 2013 the Blue Sunday Tea Party for M.E. was born.

“Blue Sunday is different because it unites us in far more of a celebratory way. These are people who would have been so within their rights to throw in the towel, and yet they remain hopeful that understanding will come; that treatment will come. It is a day of joy and happiness; a rare opportunity for those around us to show their support for us when there is so little else they can do to help or relieve our suffering."

Every year, Anna’s event raises vital funds for people with M.E. and breaks the isolation that is so often experienced by those in the community. In 2022, Anna’s Blue Sunday Tea Party raised nearly £10,000 for Action for M.E. which has helped us to be able to continue to provide our vital support services for people of all ages living with M.E, and we are incredibly grateful for her support.

“The support I receive from Action from M.E. has been exceptional. There is something so validating in someone understanding that you might not be able to reply to an email immediately, for example. Every member of the team has an outstanding understanding of M.E. and that can be rare to come across. I have witnessed first-hand the sheer dedication of the Action for M.E. team, at every turn, to improve the lives of people living with M.E.”

You can read our full interview with our amazing fundraiser Anna here.

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