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APPG to host awareness-raising drop-in: invite your MP

April 07, 2016

Notes from the most recent meeting of the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) on M.E. have been published on our APPG page.

Topics for discussion at the 17 March meeting included an awareness-raising drop-in session for MPs, hosted by the APPG on Wednesday 11 May from 12.45pm to 2pm. 

This event offers MPs the opportunity to better understand the key issues facing people with M.E. MPs attending can pick up a new M.E. information pack with key information to help them support their constituents with M.E.

Please use our template letter to invite your MP to this event.  

It's a good idea to personalise your letter to your MP if possible, perhaps adding a sentence or two about your own experience of M.E.

You can then find the email or postal address of your local MP by searching the Parliament website.