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"It's hard seeing all your friends living their lives"

November 30, 2017

"I was working for a property developer in London at the time, always the one to stay for one more drink at the end of the night and putting in the hours to try and progress my career" says Georgina, aged 30. "After I was diagnosed I physically couldn’t get out of bed, lift my arms or use my legs so there was no way I could even think about going back to work. It was just impossible.

"I had to terminate my employment, leave my friends and flat behind in London and move back into my parents’ house in Yorkshire.

"It was devastating.

"In an age full of social media it's super hard seeing all of your friends living their lives, taking trips and doing things without you - I think this was one of the hardest aspects for me. I missed out on so many things - holidays, birthday parties, important work events (mine and my boyfriends) and even my own hen party.

"Action for M.E. has helped me believe I am not alone."

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