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Join us for Walk with M.E. 2019

January 09, 2019

Whoever you are, wherever you are, help us Walk with M.E.

Walk with M.E. is a sponsored walk with a twist: everything is done as a team. This means you can take part if you would like to, whatever your level of functionality.

Some people with M.E. are unable to take even a few steps. By working as part of a team to reach the goal of one million steps in 100 hundred days, anyone can take part in Walk with M.E.

That's an average of 10,000 steps per day; this is “quite achievable for most, but a lot for someone like me,” explains Natalie. “Walk with M.E. is therefore designed to be completed in teams, which means my team mates can help me out and donate their steps to help me achieve my target of one million steps in 100 days.”

If you have moderate or mild M.E., having a team around you means there’s no pressure to do more than you can. Whether you can walk one step or 100 steps, they all count towards the total.

Pace yourself, contribute as many steps as you can (not more than your health will allow), and at the end you and your team will have a total you’ve reached together.

If you aren’t able to walk any steps at all, you can take part by encouraging your team and spreading the word to maximise sponsorship.

Walk with M.E. 2019 starts on Friday 1 February and ends on M.E. Awareness Day, Sunday 12 May. Over this time your team will be counting steps and collecting donations, helping make this year our best Walk with M.E. yet.

We are delighted to announce that a generous family trust has offered to match-fund every penny raised by Walk with M.E. – which means everything you raise will be doubled!

To find out more or to sign up visit our Walk for M.E. webpage.