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Launch of new private forums delayed

April 12, 2017

Work is progressing well on the planned launch of two new Action for M.E. forums, but technical issues mean that we aren’t able to launch them today as planned.

The closed, private forums – one for under 18s, and one for parents of children with M.E. – will be accessed through our Online M.E. Centre, separately from our existing forum, M.E. Friends Online. These will be members-only forums (ie. users will need to be members of Action for M.E.) that are accessed separately from each other.

We remain dedicated to providing these private spaces and aim to have them up and running by the end of the month.

In the meantime, we recently set up two new message boards within our M.E. Friends Online forum – one for carers and parents, and another for young adults aged 18-26, both of which can be accessed via the forum hub on our homepage. While these are open forums and not private ones, we welcome any new users who would like to connect with others affected by M.E.