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Leading Neurological Charities Write to Jeremy Hunt

November 07, 2022

Today, Action for M.E. has joined leading Neurological charities to write a letter to Jeremy Hunt, Chancellor of the Exchequer, about how the cost of living crisis is having a greater impact on people living with a neurological condition, such as M.E.

Neurological charities and members of the Neurological Alliance have expressed concern about how the increase in energy bills and cost of living will affect their members.

The letter calls for three principal actions:

  • Uprate benefits in-line with inflation
  • Increase the levels of Disability Cost of Living Payments
  • Extend the Warm Homes Discount to disabled people

You can read the letter in full here.

Georgina Carr, CEO of the Neuroligcal Alliance said,

“Not only is it a struggle to access the right support, but living with the effects of a neurological condition often comes with a hefty price tag. A safe and comfortable home, the right specialist care and the right aids and adaptations, are all vitally important to staying in work as long as possible, socialising and retaining independence. That is why support to manage these extra costs is so important, but right now, the Government has not committed to meeting those costs. The new Chancellor has an opportunity to show his support for the one in six living with a neurological condition, starting with a recommitment to uprating benefits in line with inflation in the forthcoming Fiscal Plan.”

Action for M.E. are proud to see so many charities unite to make some noise about an issue that impacts all our communities.