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Letter to Psychological Medicine re the PACE trial

March 15, 2017

This week an open letter, signed by a number of clinical and research professionals, and charity representatives, has been sent to the journal, Psychological Medicine. It asks the journal’s editors to retract a 2013 paper, Recovery from CFS after treatments given in the PACE trial.

Since its publication, Action for M.E. has been repeatedly asked to sign this letter, and we are pleased to make our position clear.

Any decision to support this letter would need to be taken by our Board of Trustees, and no approach was made to us in advance of the letter being published. Given that the letter has been already sent, and that getting our Board members together would take at least five working days, Action for M.E. is not in a position to sign at this point in time.

On our website, we acknowledge that scientific debate continues around the results of the PACE trial, with a number of researchers in the M.E. field and beyond questioning its findings. We also highlight that, following the release of anonymised data from the PACE trial, a December 2016 paper published in the peer-reviewed journal Fatigue: Biomedicine, Health and Behavior concluded that "the claim that patients can recover as a result of CBT and GET is not justified by the data."