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Lloyds Bank staff learn about M.E.

September 08, 2016

Thousands of Lloyds Bank staff have had the opportunity to learn about M.E. and its impact, thanks to a story highlighting our Support, Empower and Employ people with M.E. (SEE M.E.) project being published on its staff intranet.

The SEE M.E. project, funded by the Lloyds Bank Foundation, was a pilot specialist employment support service for people with M.E. living in Bristol and the surrounding regions, and embedded within Bristol NHS specialist M.E. service and integrated with local employment support services. The project has supported more than 120 people with M.E., with 72% saying it helped them achieve their goals including successfully returning to their job after lengthy sickness absence, starting a new job, achieving their best possible exit from sustainable employment, achieving more sustainable employment, and starting volunteering or a training course.

Daniel Youngs, a 42 year old who worked in Gloucestershire as a Deputy Headteacher before becoming ill with M.E., was supported by SEE M.E. project workers during his unemployment, and is now making plans to return to work. He says that without the service, he "would have been lost." We are grateful to Dan for sharing his story, and to Lloyds for ensuring that it reached their staff team, raising awareness of M.E. and greater understanding of its impact of M.E.