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How digital art has made painting accessible for Mathilde Vhargon

June 07, 2019

Mathilde Vhargon is an artist who has M.E./CFS. As a person with M.E., digital painting software makes it possible for her to create abstract and abstract realist paintings in a way she could not do using messy, traditional materials.

Mathilde says, “I have always loved Fine Arts and spent half a century focusing on classical music, becoming a professional musician and teacher of music. Then when life circumstances demanded a change of direction, to my surprise, I found an endless source of ideas inside myself for visual art. I gained confidence as others expressed appreciation for my efforts.

“I can only suppose that my lifelong aesthetic training transferred over from music to visual art. This discovery began through the virtual world, Second Life, a platform in which active residents can create every aspect of the virtual world experience, landscape and contents. The thriving Second Life Arts community includes hundreds of galleries and exhibitions where people from all over the world can view and buy virtual copies of paintings and sculptures."

If you are interested in learning how to create digital art too you can begin to learn through a digital painting programme.

“It's a rather steep learning curve,” says Mathilde “but many people and groups are extremely friendly, kind, and generous to walk people through, teach, and mentor with technical things. If only you take it a step at a time it's not too hard.”

Mathilde's art is available to purchase in the real world from Fine Art America.

Pictured: Left: Quiet Passion. Centre: Green Ovals. Right: Blue Way