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M.E. and school: how can I help? Awareness raising session.

November 22, 2019

Yesterday over 60 education professionals who specialise in a variety of areas such as safeguarding, child protection, teaching and managing students with complex conditions attended our awareness raising session, M.E. and school: how can I help?

Although M.E./CFS is the most common cause of health-related school absence, little information is available on its impact and approaches teachers can take when supporting pupils the condition. Earlier this year we launched our new resource for educators ‘How can I help?’ and have been working with schools to bring awareness towards M.E./CFS since.

South Ayrshire Council is the first local authority in Scotland to engage in this learning opportunity offered by Action for M.E. The aim of the day was to discuss M.E./CFS and how professionals could support young people living with the illness and other long-term health conditions.

Throughout we discussed self-management tools that would help young people engage with education in a way that they could manage and aspire to life-long education. With a key focus on pacing, our team explained the importance of prioritising health and allowing students with M.E./CFS to get better at their own rate.

We received overwhelmingly positive feedback from the delegates with one explaining that:

“Before I came to this session I would have assumed that students with long periods of unexplained absence were school refusals. Now that I know about M.E./CFS and have these tools I would question whether there is actually an undiagnosed health condition there.”

And another telling us that our ‘How can I help?’ resource is “easy to use and think it would be very useful for all schools to have a copy.’

You can find out more about or tools for educators here.