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ME Highland and Islands Network partnership

December 12, 2018

Action for M.E. have partnered with the ME Highland and Islands Network (ME Highlands) in order to reach more people with M.E. in Scotland. ME Highlands works to highlight the lack of patient support in the Highland and Islands, raise awareness within the region, assist people affected by M.E. in their local areas and provide a safe place for people with M.E. to meet to enable peer support.

One of the ways that they have already begun to do this is by providing support to Action for M.E.’s Mentor M.E. project. Action for M.E. are already training mentors in the Highlands and Islands and hope to support ME Highlands & Islands and the development of other forms of support for people living with M.E. in this area. Through Mentor M.E. we aim to train people living with M.E. and carers to mentor others with the condition to increase their ability to self-manage and reduce isolation.

Mentor M.E. is a five-year project funded by the Scottish Government and the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland that aims to:

  • empower people living with M.E. and their carers to manage the condition in line with individual circumstances while living their lives as fully as possible
  • grow a new peer mentoring network, rolling it out in stages across different areas of Scotland between 2016 and 2021
  • develop a strong sustainable mentoring network led by people living with M.E.

When speaking about their involvement in the Mentor M.E. projects M.E. Highlands said, “We are delighted to be helping Action for M.E. deliver this initiative across the Highlands & Islands. Whilst Mentoring is not a cure it can be a useful tool in learning how to self-manage the illness. The model also encourages interaction and support from people with M.E. in your area.”

To find out more about the M.E. Highland and Islands Network you can visit their Facebook page.