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M.E. in the media: M.E. Awareness Month so far

May 10, 2016

Already this M.E. Awareness Month our media case studies have appeared in the local press and on newspaper websites across the UK.

This year our media work is focusing on the isolation experienced by so many people with M.E., and our message is clear: don’t ignore M.E.

Wales Online ran a story about Sarah Griffiths, titled “The grim reality of being a 15-year-old girl and living with chronic fatigue syndrome.” Similar articles also appeared in the Wales on Sunday newspaper and the Wrexham Leader.

Describing the isolation that Sarah experiences because of M.E., her mother Amanda says: “My daughter has lost all contact with her friends, besides her boyfriend who she manages to see once a week for two hours.”

Rachel West from Hockley has appeared in the Clacton Gazette, as well as several other Essex newspapers. On the issue of isolation, Rachel says: “I do not see extended family as they live some way away. It is isolating and frustrating; existing not living.”

In an article in the Southport Visiter, Sarah Lake from Skelmersdale says: “I feel having M.E. is isolating because no one (however good) can really understand unless they are going through the same thing.”

So far our letter to editors has appeared in more than 30 local and regional newspapers, including the Yorkshire Evening Post. 

In the letter, Action for M.E. Chief Executive, Sonya Chowdhury, writes:

I’m sure many of your readers will have experienced isolation at some point in their lives.

Sadly, many people with M.E. face isolation for years on end as friends, family and professionals struggle to accept the true impact of the illness. Others live alone, too ill to keep up a social life.

For M.E. Awareness Month this May, Action for M.E. is sending a simple message: don’t ignore M.E.

We’re taking action to end the ignorance, injustice and neglect experienced by the 250,000 people with M.E. in the UK.

Find out how you can make a difference to the lives of people with M.E. right now at or call 0117 927 9551.