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M.E. in the media: raising awareness, reducing isolation

May 16, 2016

We’re just over half way through M.E. Awareness Month 2016, and are delighted that so many local and regional newspapers are helping to spread our message: don’t ignore M.E.

Our media case studies have appeared in more than 20 newspapers, including Sarah Lake in the Skelmersdale Champion, Samantha Negus in the Gloucestershire Gazette and Jo Hardstaff in the Canterbury Times. Thanks to their stories we have been able to highlight the isolation and loneliness experienced by so many people with M.E. in the UK.

In an article in the Wigan Observer, Olivia Meads, 20, from Wigan, talks about the isolation she has experienced: “I lost most of my ‘real life’ friends. One by one they dropped off. They didn’t want to know me when I got too ill to be able to go out shopping and to the cinema with them.”

Our letter to editors has now appeared in more than 50 local and regional newspapers and news websites, including the Solihull News, Eastern Daily Press, North Wales Chronicle and Hamilton Advertiser.