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M.E. in the media: the double whammy of isolation

June 02, 2016

“I only see one or two people for an hour or two at most – I can't cope with any more than that,” says Tisha Bratt, who has had M.E. for 22 years. “My husband is wonderful. We met after I became ill, and married nine years ago. He really understands and he tells me off if I do things like the washing up, but it's a lot of pressure on him."

Tisha, one of the many Action for M.E. media case studies who shared her story for M.E. Awareness Month, was featured in Tuesday's Southern Daily Echo.

Elsewhere in the press, our Chief Executive Sonya Chowdhury writes about the impact of M.E. for the Stevenage Comet’s Speakers Corner.

“The isolation of M.E. is a double whammy,” she says. “Not only are people with this chronic, neurological illness often too unwell to leave the house. But also many who contact us tell us that their isolation is made worse when their friends, family and colleagues don't fully understand the impact of M.E.”

In other news, Welfare Weekly reports that official figures reveal a sharp decline in the number of disabled people supported into work through the Work Choice programme, while the London Economic highlights a new report that reveals the devastating effects of benefit cuts on individuals and communities.