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New forums for children and parents affected by M.E.

May 04, 2017

Action for M.E. is pleased to announce the launch of two new forums, offering peer-support to families with M.E.

Both are closed forums, which means you will need to register by clicking on one of the links above, before you can see what others are saying or make posts yourself. If you are already registered for M.E. Friends Online (see below), you will still have to register for the new forums, using a different username.

We are hugely grateful to our moderators, who dedicate their time and energy to supporting forum users and making sure each forum is a safe and friendly space to share their experience of living with M.E.

Please note that it may take up to two working days to approve your forum registration (we will use your postcode to check that you are are a member). When your registration has been approved, you can sign into the forums through Our community page.

If you are not a member of Action for M.E. and want to use our young member’s or parents forums, join us today. Action for M.E. membership is free for anyone under 18, and we are able to offer waivers to adults who are experiencing financial hardship.

M.E. Friends Online

Our original forum, M.E. Friends Online, is open to anyone affected by M.E. who is over 18 – it doesn’t matter if you’re an Action for M.E. supporting member or not.