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New name, renewed purpose: World M.E. Alliance

October 05, 2021

Formerly known as the International Alliance for M.E., the World M.E. Alliance has re-launched today with a new website and renewed purpose.

There are two strands to its work:

  • bringing together national M.E. organisations to create a dedicated space for collaboration, coordination and increased engagement
  • targeting the World Health Organization so that global policy initiatives truly speak to the needs of people with M.E.

Our CEO Sonya Chowdhury is Chair of the World M.E. Alliance. She says:

“Our new website, name, logo and brand will help place us at the fore of international discussions around M.E./CFS and other post-viral illnesses. M.E./CFS is a global health crisis, with hundreds of thousands more now being diagnosed with this illness and other post-viral illnesses in the wake of Covid-19. By working collaboratively, we can expose the devastating impact of these illnesses, and begin to do justice to those desperately in need of research and care.”

The Alliance is currently made up of member organisations from countries including the UK, South Africa, Canada, Spain, Wales, New Zealand and the US. As part of its next steps, it is looking to expand this and bring in more organisations to help shape its future.

Find out more at and follow the World M.E. Alliance on Facebook and Twitter.