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New petition Equity for M.E. launches

August 04, 2021

Today we're launching a petition calling for the UK Governments to commit the same level of research funding and recognition to M.E. as we have seen with Long Covid.

Hundreds of thousands of children and adults with M.E. have been ignored for too long. Now we are seeing people with Long Covid face similar symptoms, along with the problems people with M.E. have experienced for decades – ignorance, injustice and neglect from the Government meant to support them.

Join us in our demand that the UK Governments ensure equity for people with M.E.

Around 250,000 adults and children have M.E. in the UK and that number is likely to be an underestimate and it is growing. Currently:

  • Less than 4% of people with M.E. are able to access specialist M.E. services due to a lack of provision
  • Less than 0.03% of research grants from the UK government are awarded to M.E. research

Action for M.E. believes that this neglect of people with M.E. is unacceptable.

There are 385,000 people already at risk of developing M.E. as they fail to recover from Long Covid after a year. While we are pleased to see considerable funding for research and healthcare support for people with Long Covid, it has shone a light on the lack of investment into M.E. and the lack of services and treatment available.

This petition will be running until the 26th of November, at which point we will take it to the UK Governments.

Please share our Equity for M.E. petition as widely as you can.