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Combating isolation - our new young people's forum

February 27, 2019

Research has found that M.E. causes an enormous loss of independence and self-esteem. Our young people’s community combats the isolation and social exclusion faced by many young people with the condition, offering a safe space that promotes friendship and understanding between young people who understand what it’s like to have M.E.

Our Children and Young People’s Service has launched a new forum for young people up to 19 years of age who are affected by M.E. Some people use the forum to gain support and talk about how M.E. affects them, while others use it to talk about things other than M.E., such as hobbies and interests, and to make friends. Managed by our Peer Support Officer, our new Children and young people’s forum is moderated by young people with M.E. and offers a safe space where users can get support, or just make new friends.

One young person told us that, “there are so many great things about the forum, but the best thing for me is how it helps to keep away the feeling of isolation from the rest of the world. The fact that I can communicate with other people on here – who actually understand M.E. – really helps me feel less lonely.”

To access the forum users need to join as a community member at and will then receive an email invitation to join the forum.