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Parliamentary debates on M.E. on 24 January

January 25, 2019

"It’s actually quite remarkable to consider how little is being sent on research, it's something like 0.02% of all active grants given by mainstream funding agencies going to support research. Without this research there is no hope of improved treatments." Kevin Foster MP

MPs came together in the House of Commons chamber yesterday to highlight the stories of many people in their constituencies who have M.E./CFS. During the debate, MPs talked about the lack of research funding, poor treatment options and medical education. You can read a transcription in Hansard. One area we would have liked to see more discussion on was the challenges facing those severely affected, and children with M.E. In relation to the latter, we are still seeking experiences of applying to receive Individual Health and Care Plans; please share yours before Monday 18 February.

We will be following up on yesterday’s debate as follows;

  • We will be contacting MPs who were at the debate to see what more they can do to support people with M.E.
  • We will work with Forward ME to share the results of its survey for NICE on CBT and GET with MPs, once the report has been published. This survey is live until Thursday 31 January so please share your experience of you haven't already.
  • We have been contacted by people whose MP was unable to attend. We will be writing to those we are aware of to highlight what action they can take; if you would like your MP to be included in this list, please email our Policy Officer, Sam Bromiley.

Additionally, we were pleased to hear the discussion that was held during the Scottish Parliament Petition Committee. We will be posting a full summary about this next week.